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The friends of the museum is an organization to support the Jean P. Haydon Museum in preserving the stewardship and historical resources of the Samoan heritage, language, cultural arts, and American Samoa’s history. The form does not discriminate against any individual due to race, color, creed, ancestry, age, sex, national origin, or disability.

Membership Categories

Membership Categories Price  
Individual (Age 18 over) $25
Senior (Age 60 over) $20
Student (Age 13 up) $20
Supporter $35
Patron $500
Advocate $100
Sponsor $50

Friends of the Museum

The Friends of the Museum of American Samoa began as a museum volunteer project by supporters of the Jean P. Haydon Museum. In 1969, according to the Territorial Archivist John C. Wright, with the arrival of Governor John Haydon and his wife Jean, they had decided that “it was time to start a museum before what few things are left in Samoa completely disappeared.” Thus the Haydon’s decided to use the lower floor of Government House for the museum, using personal funds and business contributions, items began to be collected.

“The official opening was January 1, 1970 and by using volunteers the museum was open two hours in the afternoon, five days a week and that year over 5,000 people visited school children, local adults and tourists. Before the end of Governor Haydon’s term in 1974 the Legislature, indicating their respect and gratitude for his wife establishing the Museum, resolved that the Museum of American Samoa would be called the “Jean P. Haydon Museum.”

In 2013, The Friends of the Museum of American Samoa (hereafter “the Friends”) is a voluntary based 501c 3 non-profit organization that provides support to the Jean P. Haydon Museum by organizing volunteers for museum collections, preservation and management, exhibit design and maintenance, docent induction and educational programming.

The Mission of the Friends is to assist the Museum in promoting the understanding, history, and stewardship of the natural, cultural and historical resources of American Samoa’s heritage, language, arts and culture. The Friends vision continues to focus on the Museum as the fundamental key to documenting American Samoa’s place in history as well as illustrating our future legacy.

The Friends of the Museum greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with the Amerika Samoa Humanities Council in response to the COVID 19 pandemic health crisis.   With the Humanities Emergency Assistance Relief Term (H.E.A.R.T) grant award the Jean P. Haydon Museum will be accessible through digital platforms to inspire our community and visitors through the exploration and celebration of our Fa’a Samoa heritage and living culture.

A Timeline Highlight of Activities


A Museum Board is proposed

Renovation and Storage of Museum Collection is planned


The Friends propose A Museum Curator and Staff / Candidates for the Museum Board

A Museum Board is appointed by November- 2014


The Archives & Records initiates Archives Month as Community FOM partner – 2016

The Friends and Museum Board review renovation and construction plans –2016-2018

The Friends propose candidates for the Museum Board – 2016

A Museum Board is appointed – 2017

American Samoa Historical Preservation Office-awards grant to Museum renovation-2017

A curator is temporarily hired by the Museum Board on contract- from March-Dec. 2018

Covid 19- Museum closed since June 2018, with May 2018 cruise ships being the last to visit

The Museum Board and Friends Review Museum construction –2018-2019

The Jean P. Haydon Museum opens briefly to review renovation

A Fautasi History presented by FOM partner-ASHPO held at the Tauese Ocean Center – 2019

The 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing exhibit at Feleti Barstow Library-Joint project – 2019

The Construction of Sogelau Village Park Fagatogo Historic District– 2019


Closure of the Museum – 11 cruise ships cancelled from February to June

Friends of the Museum Forum with Dr. Jeffrey Clarke postponed    

The Friends receive a Humanities Emergency Assistance Relief Term (H.E.A.R.T.) grant from the American Samoa Humanities Council to establish a website and social media platforms to be launched in 2021.

Why Join?


As a member you can participate in educational and cultural programs, island tours and physical activities that focus on
your well being and good health.

Volunteer Groups

Connect with volunteer groups to create traditional handicrafts and develop your own product as an economic benefit for your family or village. We can assist in marketing and provide a venue at the Museum Fale Samoa site.


Volunteer as an intern at our FOM partner sites or provide technical support a few hours a week. The opportunity and educational experience can be yours. Please email us if interested.

Member Discounts

Special member discounts at selected retail outlets and restaurants. Listing available to members.

Friends & Activities

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Tapegaina o le U'a

1st row: Reggie M. Fitiao, Clara Reid, First Lady Cynthia Moliga, and James Himphill

2nd row: Justin Maga, Dr. David Addison, Tapa’au Dan Aga, Rep. Andra Samoa, Vince Iuli, Lance Te’i and Ana Robertson​

Senior students (L-R) back row-Leonard Vivao, Camilla Seleni and Caroline Tavita


L-R) front row Grace Uso, Clara Reid-FOM, Marlene Iuli. Loretta Apisala.


Tooa Iulio, Kalala Siosi, Christian Saalea-THS Educator


Tafuna High School Malo Lava on Museum Student Exhibits!


The Museum Exhibit presentation and displays featured original artwork, short films, visual displays and featured stories on national historic events and biographies of American and Native American individuals. The Museum exhibits project was organized by THS educator Christian Saalea and in its third year at Tafuna High School presented by her US/AS Government classes. The students create and purchase materials for their individual/joint projects as well.


The Friends of the Museum have partnered with Christian Saalea to support future museum student exhibits as well as offering intern and volunteer opportunities in promoting museum related careers to the students at all FOM partner sites.

Kaorinesa Galuvao and Runi Tuimaseve

Feleti Barstow Public Library is a center for life-long learning dedicated to meeting the informational, technological, and cultural literacy needs of all age groups by providing both current and historical reading and instructional materials in a variety of formats. As the central public library of American Samoa we serve as a model for other libraries and information centers to increase access to reading materials and promote literacy.

ASG DEPT. ADM. SERVICES – OFFICE OF ARCHIVES AND RECORDS. As American Samoa’s record keeper, our vision is that all residents will understand the vital role that archives and records play in a democracy and in their own personal lives…and that the public heritage of ASG archives and records is more available via new online partnerships and social media… and, that the people, places, events, places and culture within ASG files, documents, reports, publications, photos, films, audiotapes and electronic media are available to explore.

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